Hartmut Jaeger

Strategic Sourcing Advisory

Hartmut Jaeger has more than 30 years of experience in consulting, IT-operations, and sales. He has been working for many international companies and international clients – mainly in the financial industry. His client work includes the development of sourcing strategies, service management and governance models, and a number of specialized assessment tools to create more transparency for specific client situations.

Hartmut works intensively with service providers and industry organizations to improve collaboration in sourcing arrangements. At pliXos GmbH he develops new models for managing risk in sourcing through efficient governance and provider management.

Before Hartmut Jaeger started to work with pliXos on new sourcing advisory approaches, he has been leading the Strategic Sourcing Advisory practice at HDP Management Consulting. Prior to that he was a member of PA’s management group and Director at TPI Eurosourcing (now ISG-One).

Hartmut Jaeger also worked for Sun Microsystems as Global Account Manager for Deutsche Bank and for EDS (now HP) as Sales Manager Financial Industry with responsibility for outsourcing und system integration projects.

Most of his career he worked for Investment Banking in Deutsche Bank as head of application development investment research and trading room operations. His professional career started at SESA Germany as system engineer and Interactive Data as Consultant Manager for Investment Research. Hartmut Jaeger holds a Master from TU Darmstadt in Mathematics and Computer Science.